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Description After seeing LED strip examples on YouTube I thought, that this would be a nice project for my daughters cosy place underneath her loft bed.

After getting things running on my Seeeduino and a breadboard I wanted to make the stuff smaller. An Adafruit Trinket (ATtiny85 based) seemed to be the perfect hardware. Quickly I realized, that the RAM limits the amount of pixels to 107 (depending on my own softwares RAM usage), while I had a 120 pixels in my 2 m WS2812B strip. So I upgraded to a Pro Trinket (ATmega328 based), which is almost identical to the Seeeduino. Okay, that works, but changing some parameters like actual pattern/visualization modes or brightness during the operation would be nice. Let's include some IR remote to the setup!

As you all know, driving WS2812B LEDs and IR doesn't work well. I tried disabling the interrupts, but that didn't yield a result. So, let's add a second Arduino that does the IR stuff and talks to the LED driving Arduino. That one could as well drive the Adafruit 8x8 LED matrix display for displaying things like current pattern and brightness.

Communication to the matrix works using I2C, so I could as well connect the other Arduino to that setup. As I still had the Trinket lying around, this one should be used.
The IRremote library was to big for the Trinket, but there still is IRLremote which fits nicely. Unfortunately, the IRLremote library needs an interrupt PIN, which on the Trinket is the same as for SCL, in use for the LED matrix and the communication to the other Arduino.

Sigh. I switched the LED matrix over to the LED driving Pro Trinket where it's better suited, but still have the communication problem. So, lets replace the Trinket with another Pro Trinket and here we are.

The software is based on FastLED 3.1 and the DemoReel100 example with some additions for a few more pattern (mainly the great stuff from Andrew Tuline, https://github.com/atuline/FastLED-Demos) and the IR controller (https://github.com/NicoHood/IRLremote).

Includes a small footprint 8x8 matrix driver, much less RAM then the one from Adafruit, but of course less functionality.

Source Version 1.0
Fritzing! sketch (made with version 0.8.7), or as PNG

Screenshots [Screenshot1]
working on it in the kitchen

front side

back side

in action

in action

There is even a Video showing it in action:

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