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Description This is an FM tuner for NetBSD and FreeBSD machines equipped with a TV grabber board that includes an FM tuner too and is supported by the bktr(4) driver. (this used to be the official driver page, but it's dead now.)

Here is a primarily patch to support NetBSD's radio(4) interface. Tested with radio* at bktr? and radio* at udsbr?. Note! If you're using the bktr driver (e.g. Hauppauge WinTV/FM), you'd better stay with that, as it provides more functionality than radio(4).

Once this was NetBSD's package of the month, together with fxtv. It is the reference radio application in NetBSD's bktr(4) manpage and even Hauppauge (producer of great TV and digital video boards) mentions it on their webpage.

xmradio will work on Linux as well, thanks to Ti Kan, who submitted the code (which was for version 0.8). I tried to keep the code working, but as I do not have access to a Linux machine, things got worse. This is a patch to get xmradio version 1.2 compiled (and running) on Linux. Thank you, Ti Kan! :-)

Source Version 1.2

Screenshots [Screenshot1]
This is the normal look, the slider is for volume control.

You may configure some favourite stations which appear as buttons replacing the frequency slider.

This is the normal look, the slider acts now as frequency control.

If you push that little arrow button, you'll see some sliders for the balance, the bass and for treble adjustments. It's just like a little mixer...

On request I implemented a minimal interface with just the basic functionality for saving desktop space.

To further save space I put some functionality into a popup menu reachable via this small arrow button on the buttom left side. Besides xmradio you can see xtu running.

Everybody loves it: some kind of graphical analyzer.

It's possible to sample (and playback) directly from radio to (from) disk.
Supported via sox are these formats: WAV, VOC, AU. MP3 is supported via lame. And of course you can get raw sample data.

Everywhere in the interface you may push the right mousebutton and get a menu with all predefined stations for fast switching.

So, a lot of guys love skins and they are so simple to implement in motif, so they are available in xmradio too.

Skins at the analyzer window.

Sampling dialog with skin.

Using this dialog, it's quite easy to configure your station presets.

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