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Description GPS program for Palm Powered Devices. It shows all important information and serves me quite well on my Geocaching tours :-)

This application is Freeware, download, spread, use it as you like.

  • Shows position (latitude, longitude), altitude, speed, course, date, time, magnetic variation, speed-to-target and more.
  • Shows satellite positions graphically, including position of sun and moon.
  • Take or input upto 65000 markers for navigation or survey, add notes of virtually unlimited length.
  • Capture, manage, calculate and draw distances, tracks and areas.
  • Sync Palm's internal clock with the very accurate GPS time.
  • Supports PalmOS 3.0 and up.
  • Supports PalmOS 5, including high resolution mode.
  • Supports Sony's Clie's (high resolution, screen resizes).
  • Supports HandEra 330 (high resolution, screen resizes).
  • Supports Garmin iQue 3600 (built-in GPS interface, high resolution, screen resizes).
  • Supports Styletap. At least somewhat. Didn't check Bluetooth support (hardware lacking). There are reproducable crashes when selecting categories on marker page. Don't know why.
  • Supports all NMEA capable GPS devices, including (but not limited to) Snap-on's, GPS mice, Bluetooth GPS devices and Handspring boards given they communicate using a serial device. This means, that we do not support iGolf and StarNet SDIO receivers. I got some kind of developer docs from iGolf, that didn't help me at all. I even got hardware from a very kind user, but without docs I'm lost. Sorry, I'm not a clairvoyant.
  • Documentation is included in the application. Every page and every dialog provides instant help.
  • Internationalization framework included, it's easy to support new languages. If you want cotoGPS localized to your language and you are willing to make the translation, please read this.
  • Desktop companion available as a Java-based application (see here). Enables you to edit markers, view tracks and view/save the log on your PC, Mac or Linux machine (wherever a decent Java runtime is available). Can export files in these formats: GPX, IGC, TOP50 Overlay and KMZ. The latter is what you need for Google Earth! See amazing examples!
  • Native support from GPS Visualizer, thank you Adam! You can create maps like this nice one from Zeke (thank you too!) by just uploading your tracks. Here are some tracks I've made during various vacations.
  • Native support from GPS Babel, a universal converter for all kinds of waypoint, track and route formats.
  • Format of databases are open. Here is the description, it's YOUR data, work with it. Remember, that there is a desktop app which helps you manipulating and converting your data.
  • Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to switch off the screen (or blank or dim or whatever) reliably. Yes, I know. Your favourit music player can do this. I can't reliably, without accessing the hardware. I guess, the music player will do just that, but I won't. If you have a nice platform independend way to achieve this, I'm of course very interested to hear from you!

cotoGPS is listed at freewarepalm.com and it even got some quite nice reviews.
cotoGPS is listed at PalmSource! (At least, it used to be before Access bought it)
cotoGPS is listed at freewarefrance.com!
cotoGPS is listed at palmfreeware.de!
cotoGPS is explicitly listed as a supported application for the SDG-810 SD GPS receiver!

Source Version 1.6.1alpha1 (20100625)

Here are PalmOS executables:

english version
german version
french version (french help texts are up-to-date now, thanks Antoine!)
italian version (italian help texts are quite outdated, any translation volunteers?)
polish version (translation by Mirek, thank you!)
spanish version (translation by Josť, thank you!)

The ChangeLog.

This application needs MathLib installed on your Palm.

Screenshots You'll see the letter 'G' on some screen shots, this is a Palm simulator debug message and will not appear on a real device!

Mainscreen. Shows all data provided by the GPS device and more. On the bottom is a odometer showing current speed and a compass showing true course. The point in the compass shows the direction to the selected target (if any) and at the bottom of the compass you'll find the distance.

Shows even more data, including a variometer, magnetic variation and the battery status of your Palm and the GPS device.

Shows the satellites signal strength and their positions. For your convenience you can optionally see the position of the sun and the moon as well. On the left hand side are all visible satellites numbers and their signal strength.
(As you can see, cotoGPS is a color application. >8-> )

This is a page dedicated to Geocaching.

Measure distances and areas, with an optional offset to a border. Very handy for farmers to measure the area of their fields. Values can be taken automatically, you just have to go or drive around the field.

Using the track manager you can, well... , hmmm... manage your tracks. Make a new one, reuse or delete an old track, send it to friends.

View the track you drove or walked. The track is always scaled down to automatically fit the screen size. As you can see, cotoGPS supports screen resizes as you can find on some devices (Tungsten LiveDrive, Tungsten T3, Sony's handhelds and even the good old HandEra 330).

Here you add, grab, view, change and delete data for the target you are aiming at or you want to save. Using the Look-Up-Feature it's even easier to find markers if your database got very huge (like mine). Just type the first characters and the list shows the first match. Using the Ref-togglebutton you can set a reference point (instead the current GPS position) to calculate distance and course to a saved marker.
Quite useful for Geocaching.

In this dialog you can change the data manually or grab the current GPS data coming from your device. You can enter a description for the current marker with a length of up to 32 KB, which should be enough for even very long texts.

Preferences dialog. Select the serial device your receiver is connected to and the speed. Choose the preferred units for coordinates, speed, distances and altitudes.

Help page. Every page and every dialog comes with a help page (just tap the 'i' symbol on the right upper corner), describing the application quite nice. You can change the font size by a single tap. You can scroll line by line (i.e. not that really annoying scrolling of standard help dialogs) using the arrow buttons or the page-up and page-down keys of your Palm.

Where the hell I am in this world?!? :-)

Showing raw nmea- (GPS-) data. This was once part of the main GPS page, but got an own page reachable via Extra-pulldown menu.

Famous about-dialog.

[postcard front] [postcard back]
This is a postcard a received as an incentive to force development. Thank you very much, ZHU Jun! :-)

It's always a good idea to support developers and I like receiving picture postcards from all over the world.

2010-06-25: During the years I received almost 100 picture postcards. Thank you all, you are great! :-)

[About Geocaching]

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